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A few months ago, as part of my election commitment to improve local transport services and reduce reliance on the A52, I submitted a proposal to the Department for Transport to improve train services at Bottesford station. Currently trains are not frequent enough, unreliable and the service ends too early, making it unfeasible for residents to rely on trains between Nottingham and Grantham for work and leisure.

The proposal, submitted with neighbouring MPs Ruth Edwards (Rushcliffe) and Gareth Davies (Grantham and Stamford), makes the case for significantly improving the frequency of the rail service at Bottesford.

Since submitting the proposal, I have continued to lobby Government, holding meetings with Transport Ministers and making the case for why these changes are needed.

I want Government to know how strongly residents feel about the need to invest in Bottesford station and improve our local train services. That’s why I’m asking you to complete this survey so that I can show the strength of feeling locally and keep the pressure on Government to make the case for these improvements! Thank you to everyone who has long campaigned to improve services at Bottesford.

I continue in the meantime to push hard for safety improvements to the A52 at Bottesford – watch this space as good news is coming – and the A1.

Do you feel train provision at Bottesford station is good enough?
Do you agree we need more regular train services at Bottesford?
How often do you travel on the Poacher line from Bottesford?
When you use the Poacher line, where are you mainly travelling to?
When you use the Poacher line, why are you travelling?
If train services were more regular, would you use them more?
If services were more regular, would you prefer the train to the car?