Campaign Responses

Every day, I receive dozens of campaign emails from constituents concerned about a huge variety of national issues. While individual constituency enquiries will always be answered by email or letter, due to the vast increase in the volume of campaign emails now being generated, I can no longer guarantee replying to these individually and am therefore posting my responses on this section of my website.

Agriculture Bill October 2020

The Agriculture Bill is potentially the biggest victory for nature and farming in a generation, and it is enormously important that we make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Badger Cull - September 2020

As you may be aware, we are taking steps to stop the spread of bovine TB in England,  Following on from the effective badger cull in 2019, Natural England has now licensed a new area to undertake culling in 2020, in and around our area.

Trade Deal July 2020

I am so proud to represent Rutland and Melton and all facets of its varied local economy and I am pleased that the UK Government will not compromise on our standards.

Israel’s annexation plans: EDM #464 and EDM #225

I should start by explaining that I do not sign Early Day Motions. For one, this is because they are not part of our formal legislature and are rarely debated in the House. From my experience, I have found that raising issues with Ministers directly is far more effective.

The Agriculture Bill and Food Standards

Following my election campaign commitment to ‘get the Agriculture Bill moving’, I am pleased to sit on the Agriculture Bill Committee and scrutinise the Agriculture Bill on behalf of Rutland and Melton’s farmers and food producers and welcome the opportunity to recognise their contribution to pro