The Home of our Democracy, of our Values and of our Safety

Today let's not react in anger, let's not give credence to those who seek to harm us. Let's focus on the heroes who protect us, and sharing kindness with those all around us.

Give a smile to someone you pass on the street, who you sit next to on the train. Share the courage and strength of London.

Above all thank our police and security services who keep us safe every day. Too often these superheroes are vilified by the media and by society. Going forward show your thanks by giving them the support they deserve and by challenging those who disrespect them.

Because whoever is behind the attack on our Parliament will not achieve their goal of dividing us and stirring hatred.

My thoughts go out to all the loved ones and friends of PC Keith Palmer so tragically killed protecting our democracy today, and those innocents killed and hurt on Westminster bridge.

We are stronger in our unity. In kindness we will find our greatest strength.