Melton residents lead nation in take-up of smart meters

Melton residents are number seven in the country for having the newest generation of smart meters, with 1 in 4 residents having this energy-saving technology installed in their homes.

The Data Communications Company (Smart DCC) tasked by the Government to set up a secure, national smart meter network, announced today that its 4 millionth second-generation smart meter was connected, highlighting the speed of the rollout as in May 2019 only a million had been installed.

Smart meters help people monitor their energy usage and find easy ways to reduce their carbon impact. The more smart meters connected to the national network, the richer the data on energy usage becomes, enabling a more flexible energy grid which makes better use of renewables like wind power, and energy storage projects. This data is becoming increasingly important as the UK’s electric vehicles market is set to boom due to the ban on petrol and diesel cars from 2035.

Rutland and Melton’s MP, Alicia Kearns, said:

“Smart meters play a crucial role in managing our future energy use by allowing consumers to directly control and manage their electricity consumption, which also helps save money!

“I am so pleased that Melton has the seventh-highest uptake of the new generation of smart meters and is doing its part in upgrading our country from a polluting energy system to a greener, cleaner one”.

Smart DCC CEO, Angus Flett, said:

“Areas like Melton are making a big contribution to the fight against climate change through their rapid take-up of smart meters. As our secure network grows, the data from these meters is enabling Britain to understand energy demand better and shift away from fossil fuel power generation.”

Smart meters are just one in a package of measures being taken by the Government to place the consumer back at the heart of the energy market and safeguard our environment.