Stop FGM: Call the Midwife tackles important issue

This evening #CallTheMidwife tackled the cruel and pointless barbarism of Female Genital Mutilation.

FGM is as morally unambiguous as 'honour' killings. It is not a religious practice and it is not a health issue. This crime continues to take place in the UK, and children living in the UK are being taken abroad to enable this twisted practice to take place.

If you're worried that someone you know is at risk, or you need to talk to someone or get support, reach out to Forward UK or Daughters of Eve. If it's an emergency, speak to the police who can get emergency injunctions put in place.

It's a crime that causes lifelong agony to survivors, and we can help protect the estimated 60,000 British girls at risk by knowing the signs and having dialogue within our communities.

Theresa May has made tackling FGM a priority and the Conservative Government has launched campaigns to raise awareness of this crime in schools.

It's so positive and helpful to have shows like Call The Midwife cover this crime in such a sensitive way as it starts the debate so sorely needed to allow survivors to come forward and families to start the journey of courage to end the cycles of abuse.