Alicia Kearns - Countering Daesh: How, why and what next?

Enjoyed a fabulous evening with the Mid Sussex Conservatives team at the Hayward’s Heath ward AGM discussing the strategy to defeat Daesh and terror groups who threaten our safety.

Thank you for the kind invitation to share the evening with you.

Reflecting on the UN Peace Talks on Syria

Three years ago I travelled to the UN for the GenevaIII peace talks.

I took this photo on the eve of negotiations, full of hope that the talks could achieve an end to the mass murder, rape and detention of the Syrian people and a transition away from the perpetrator, Assad.

Liberate the Debate: Defeating Fake News

Looking forward to speaking tonight at Liberate The Debate on how to counter Fake News, Government and terrorist Disinformation efforts, and Hybrid Warfare.