Empowering Credible Voices: Countering Violent Extremism

I recently spoke at Defence IQ’s 16th Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) conference.

I spoke on how to empower and deploy credible voices. Arguing that within the CVE community, we need a paradigm shift in who we consider to be credible voices, and how we identify them.

EU Radicalisation Awareness Network

Delighted to have presented at the inaugural meeting of the Radicalisation Awareness Network Centre of Excellence’s Civil Society Empowerment Programme in Brussels.

Syria: Air Strike by the United States

Today the Syrian people feel less forgotten. That perhaps there is hope. That someone is fighting for them. That their peaceful revolution will not be eradicated by Assad's war crimes.

Tackling Radicalisation

Over the last two days I've been listening to civil society groups from across Europe discuss how best to tackle violent extremism in our communities.

DefenceIQ: The Intoxication of the ‘Art of the Hack’

Information Operations seek to master the enemy’s operating space; to limit their ability to act, move and communicate. On the internet, hackers hold a wealth of expertise and experience – yet we have failed to lever them effectively.

This article was published on DefenceIQ.