Volunteer Heroes

Volunteer HeroesThis last year, so many people across Rutland and Melton have needed help from others. And so many have freely given their time, not for recognition, but to help others. This makes so much difference to the lives of some of our most vulnerable family, friends and neighbours.


So for National Volunteers Week I’m asking you to help me recognise them.


So I’m launching Rutland and Melton’s Volunteer Heroes – to celebrate everyone who volunteers and those who go above and beyond.


Do you have a story to tell? Someone who has made a difference to the lives of others by going above and beyond the call of duty?


Let me know by submitting them for the award below.


And I look forward to celebrating, and sharing, some of these stories with you all.


One volunteer will be chosen as our Volunteer Hero for 2021 and I look forward to welcoming them for tea and cake at Parliament.

Rutland and Melton Volunteer Hero

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What has your Rutland and Melton volunteer hero done to help the community?
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