Road safety is one of the top concerns of residents across Rutland, Melton, the Vale and Harborough Villages.

There are dangerous junctions. Some of them, like the A606 junction with Six Hills Lane, are being improved following my intervention.

There are also too many instances of speeding through villages – and the noise that comes from it, especially from motorbikes.

And there are schools which are experiencing serious problems with speeding.

I want to work with our Councils to ensure that our roads are as safe as possible in our communities.

So I’m asking you to tell me which roads and junctions worry you most.

Road Safety Survey

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Many people have been in touch with concerns about dangerous driving and speeding locally. Do you share these concerns?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how significant an issue do you consider speeding to be in your community?
Which town or village are you referring to?
Do you consider there to be sufficient speed cameras in your area?
Would you support more traffic calming measures on our streets?
Would you support reducing speed limits in your area?
Would you support a law to reduce noise from motorbikes?
Do you have particular concerns about speeding around schools?
If you answered yes, are there any specific schools with dangerous roads nearby?
Which is your local authority?