Bosnia is on the verge of collapse - and the UK can help to save it.

As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Bosnia, I am working with the UK Government, other MPs, the British Embassy in Bosnia and the Bosnian Embassy in the UK to find a way to prevent genocide happening.

Many in the UK don't know about Bosnia - and have forgotten the War.

Bosnia saw a terrible war from 1992-1995 - and the British Armed Forces played an honourable part in that war. 

The Peace Agreement, signed in Dayton in 1995, created a new, multi-national state. 

Now, Bosnia is on the verge of collapse once again. I have a plan to stop that from happening.


Plan for how the UK can help prevent conflict 


  • Invite High Representative Christian Schmidt to the UK
  • Put Bosnia on the agenda at NATO ministerial meeting in Riga
  • Increase deployment to NATO HQ in Sarajevo
  • Urge NATO to consider a joint exercise in the Balkans
  • Convene meeting of NATO QUINT
  • Visit to Bosnia by a senior member of the UK Government
  • Secure a debate and motion by Parliament
  • Work with NATO and EU Parliaments to hold debates
  • Impose Magnitsky sanctions on financial criminality around agitators
  • Endorse the High Representative's Genocide Denial Bill


Parliament unanimously agrees motion to express support for peace in Bosnia


On Thursday, following a debate on preserving peace in Bosnia organised by Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Bosnia and Herzegovina Alicia Kearns MP, the House of Commons unanimously decided to support the Dayton Agreement, the High Representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina, who was present in the public gallery, and called for the U.K. Government and its allies to ensure peace and stability in the Western Balkans... [Read more]

Christian Schmidt briefs MPs in Parliament

2nd December

Following Alicia Kearns' invitation, High Representative Christian Schmidt brief MPs on the situation in Bosnia.





Alicia Kearns is interviewed by N1 News about how Parliament is helping maintain peace in Bosnia


26th November

N1 News

Alicia Kearns MP was interviewed by leading Bosnian news channel N1, about what the British Parliament is doing to help maintain peace in Bosnia.

Alicia Kearns speaks to the Council on Geostrategy

25th November 2021

Council on Geostrategy

Alicia Kearns speaks to the Council on Geostrategy's podcast about why Britain's has to take a leading role in preserving peace in Bosnia.


You can listen to the full interview here.



Alicia Kearns writes for The Express

21st November 2021

The West is under attack every day. Our values of freedom of the individual, speech and belief, as well as self-determination and democracy, risk being one generation away from vanishing... [Read More]



Discussing Atrocity Prevention at the Foreign Office

17th November 2021

Alicia Kearns met with Bosnian Ambassador Vanja Filip and Foreign Office Minister Wendy Morton to discuss atrocity prevention in Bosnia and the Balkans.


Foreign Secretary makes commitment to Bosnia

16th November 2021 

Alicia Kearns met with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to discuss ways to de-escalate the crisis in Bosnia.

AK Liz Truss

Defence Secretary announces that the UK will work with NATO in Bosnia

15th November 2021



House of Commons

Alicia Kearns secures a commitment from Defence Secretary Ben Wallace that the UK will work with NATO to increase a peacekeeping force in Bosnia - including a UK Ministerial visit.

Foreign Office commits to raising Bosnian stability at NATO

9th November 2021

HoC Foreign Office Bosnia Urgent Question


Alicia Kearns gains key commitments from Minister of State James Cleverley about Bosnia

Alicia Kearns invites High Representative to Parliament

9th November 2021

Alicia Kearns invites High Representative Christian Schmidt to Parliament



Alicia Kearns writes about Bosnia for The Times

8th November 2021

Alicia Kearns wrote in The Times


Bosnia Times

The integrity and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina is under attack. Just 25 years since the first genocide in Europe since the Second World War, the prospect of the disintegration of Bosnia, and armed conflict, is a real possibility.

It is only through dialogue, respect and co-operation that Bosnia will succeed, and presently its delicately balanced power-sharing agreement is being trampled upon by the Serbian member of the state Presidency, Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik. Some may say that Dodik has a habit of marching the international community to the top of the hill and then marching down again having won small victories that contribute to his long-term goals. That has its roots in truth – but every time he marches back down, he has a long-standing habit of not getting quite to the bottom. As recently as 2017, he was sanctioned by the US for obstructing the Dayton accords. So why is this time different?... [Read more]