Fight for Our Fair Share and End Rural Disadvantage

Delivering services in rural areas is more expensive and should be reflected in central Government funding. Our Councils are among the lowest funded in the country - Leicestershire is the lowest funded County Council per head in the country.

For too long beautiful rural areas like ours have come second best when it comes to Government investment.

I want to bring fairness back to government funding and make sure here in Rutland and Melton we get all the support we need, so we can give:

- exceptional social care to our older generations,

- protect our environment,

- benefit from decent quality broadband,

- feel safe benefiting from policing that doesn’t forget our villages,

- support for our famers including flood provision,

- ensure schools give our children the best chance in life, and

- that we have roads that get us safely to work and back home again to our families.

But I also want to protect what makes Rutland and Melton so extraordinary; from our local pubs, to the enormous sense of civic duty, friendliness, and our rural way of life that is so very special.

As your MP I will champion Rutland and Melton and protect our rural way of life.