Invest in Our Roads and Local Transport

I want to improve our road networks across Rutland and Melton so we can get to work, and back to our families, safely.

The Conservatives secured the funding we need to build the Melton by-pass and its Southern link. I'll make sure it goes ahead without delay and is successfully delivered.

I will work will my colleagues to make the A1 safer, including increasing its capacity. We also need to find solutions to tackle accident hotspots on the A607 and the A52 through Bottesford. 

Keeping pressure on the East Midlands Railway to improve connectivity and reliability will support residents who commute for work or to see family.

I also want to protect rural bus services wherever possible to keep all of us connected and tackle rural loneliness.


Alicia Kearns MP Welcomes the Opening Works of the Melton Bypass

Alicia Kearns MP has welcomed the first work being undertaken on the long-awaited MMDR, with the demolition of Sysonby Farm on Nottingham Road.

This is the first step on the long road to Melton getting its long-awaited bypass, over forty years after it was first proposed.