Stand Up for Farmers

As a country we need to celebrate our food producers, recognise they protect our environment and take action to reduce the burdens they face.  

When it comes to Brexit that means I’ll push to get the Agriculture Bill moving and make sure that food is at its forefront. Getting a deal agreed will end the uncertainty farmers currently face.

But we also need a meaningful strategy to replace EU subsidies and ensure future visa rules support farmers’ seasonal needs. Two things I’ll make sure Government delivers on.

I will campaign for all of us to better understand the benefits we as consumers enjoy when we buy British; high welfare and environmental standards as well as supporting our local economies. In Rutland and Melton we are the rural capital of food, let's make sure everyone knows that.

But I also want us to better equip our communities and young people with the skills our rural economies need. As a MP that means I would push for investment in agri-tech, in closer relationships between rural businesses and schools, and a greater focus on agricultural and technical skills and education. 

Let’s buy British, and shout about our food producers and local food.