Fly tipping is a crime – and those who spoil our beautiful countryside should face the full force of the law.

Already, the Government has made it clear that tougher sentencing is in place for fly tippers, and George Eustace, Secretary of State for the Department for Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, has just announced a new crackdown on fly-tippers – including a new digital tracking system to prevent fly tippers playing the system. 

One way to tackle fly tipping is to ensure that the police know where the hotspots are – so that they are able to make sure that hotspots are properly monitored.

To assist the police, I’m asking you for your local knowledge about where the worst fly tipping hotspots are across Rutland, Melton, the Vale and Harborough Villages. Once we have a better idea of where the worst hotspots are, I will lobby the Police and Crime Commissioner to bring in various measures, such as more police patrols and CCTV to help catch the perpetrators.

Thank you in advance for your help in this important community effort to help keep our communities clean.

Alicia -

Where are the fly-tipping hotspots in our community?

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