What Does Our Friendship Mean for the Kurds?

Turkey has said its offensive in North East Syria will last eight further days. Eight more days of a unilateral and undisciplined offensive which has seen Turkey bomb a detention camp holding Daesh (ISIS) prisoners likely allowing some to escape; and almost shelling a US military base.

Reflecting on the UN Peace Talks on Syria

Three years ago I travelled to the UN for the GenevaIII peace talks.

I took this photo on the eve of negotiations, full of hope that the talks could achieve an end to the mass murder, rape and detention of the Syrian people and a transition away from the perpetrator, Assad.

Remembrance Day

Remembering my grandfather who served on the Corvettes in WWII, my Irish grandpa who travelled from Dublin to Belfast and pretended to be British so he could join Special Forces to fight the Nazis, and my father who was a naval reservist.