Rutland Times OP-Ed 19th May

In the last week the Government has made significant progress to defeat COVID-19. We have rapidly developed our small and specialised diagnostics industry and scaled it at an exponential pace.

Rutland Times OP-Ed 12th May

After weeks of your hard work and dedication, and despite tragic loss across the country; we have slowed the spread of COVID-19 and avoided the heart-wrenching scenes we saw in other countries.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 5th May

We have now been in lockdown for six weeks and thanks to our collective effort to shield the NHS, we have avoided the heart-breaking scenes we saw where health systems were overwhelmed.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 28th April

Six weeks ago, the future looked daunting. We were beginning our battle with an unknown and unseen enemy, the biggest threat our country and communities have faced in decades.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 21st April

Over the last few weeks, our lives have changed beyond recognition. I understand this is a period of great worry, but we must continue adhering to the lockdown to ensure our lives can return to normal as quickly as possible and keep those we love with us and healthy.

Melton Times Op-Ed 15th April

Since my last article, I have been truly overwhelmed by the strength of our communities coming together to support and protect each other. I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to everyone for adopting the lockdown measures with such a sense of civic duty.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 14th April

I understand that for many of us last weekend wasn’t quite what we’d hoped for, but I hope you and your families had a peaceful Easter at home.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 7th April

At a time like this, our communities must come together to support, but more importantly, protect, each other. I want to thank you all for adopting the Government’s lockdown measures with such a sense of national spirit. You can save lives.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 31st March

I have been truly overwhelmed by the number of local organisations and individuals who are playing their part to help our communities defeat COVID-19.