Rutland Times Op-Ed 7th July

The British Government has a proud record of standing up for, and protecting, human rights. To keep our people safe and defend our allies we have an obligation to robustly hold rogue states, organisations and individuals who perpetrate and profit from gross human rights violations to account.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 23rd June

I write this on Tuesday, moments after the Prime Minister announced a further easing of the lockdown that will commence on Saturday 4th July.

Times Red Box Op-Ed

Multilateral organisations are under siege, and, by extension, so is the rules-based international order. Since at least the Second World War, Britain and her allies have stood shoulder to shoulder to defend this order; our strong alliances are our greatest strength.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 16th June

Over the last week, we have reached several considerable milestones in our national battle against COVID-19.

Melton Times Op-Ed 10th June

The last weeks have been a challenging and sobering time for everyone. Not only are we battling COVID-19, but we are also witnessing the scourge of racism.

Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

The murder of George Floyd was heart-breaking, and although almost impossible to watch the video of his brutal murder, he deserved the respect of our not averting our eyes.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 7th June

We have made considerable progress in our efforts to defeat COVID-19 and have now met the five tests laid out by the Government, allowing us to slowly and cautiously reunite with one another.

Melton Times Op-Ed 27th May

When we entered lockdown just over two months ago we faced an aggressive, unseen and unknown enemy. Since my last column we have reached several significant milestones in our efforts to defeat it.

Rutland Times Op-Ed 26th May

I understand that the process of returning to some form of normality presents new anxieties for residents.

Rutland Times OP-Ed 19th May

In the last week the Government has made significant progress to defeat COVID-19. We have rapidly developed our small and specialised diagnostics industry and scaled it at an exponential pace.