Remembrance Day

Remembering my grandfather who served on the Corvettes in WWII, my Irish grandpa who travelled from Dublin to Belfast and pretended to be British so he could join Special Forces to fight the Nazis, and my father who was a naval reservist.

MH17: Four Years On

Where is the justice for the 298 people murdered on this day four years ago, when #MH17 was shot down?

Innocent travellers, murdered by a Russian provided, and possibly operated, Buk-M1 missile launcher from its 53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade. The denial of culpability is vile.

Hybrid Warfare and Disinformation Debate at New York University

Fascinating evening giving a talk on Hybrid Warfare and Disinformation at New York University alongside a leading expert on Russian affairs.

Very positive debate on UK and US relations with Russia and the future of Syria, followed by a walk around the university's beautiful grounds.

Cyber Warfare: The Threat From Nation States

Contributed to this article on Cyber Warfare and attacks on our Critical National Infrastructure from malign states in Forbes today. Crucial Governments tackle these attacks through the lens of Hybrid Warfare.