Supporting Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Last night I was invited to attend Battersea Dogs and Cats Home's annual Collars and Coats Ball.

Battersea is an incredible charity, not just their work giving shelter, medical treatment and love to some of the most damaged and abused animals in the country, but in their role as advocates and lobbyists for legislation that will stop the abuses of animals taking place across the country.

If you want a new dog or cat, designer or not, please, please go to a shelter first. There are so many animals being battery farmed in puppy factories and kitten farms, malnourished, separated from their mothers too early, neglected, and mothers being bred to death. These are the dogs and cats you may inadvertently find yourself buying on gumtree or other online websites.

Please, just give an amazing cat or dog who will be no different from another animal you'd home from elsewhere, a family. Your action will help stop the illegal animal farming taking place by ending the market.

We all have a role to play in being responsible purchasers and responsible owners. Know that you are helping animals across the country when you adopt from Battersea or buy from legal animal owners.

En route I couldn't help but remember some of the amazing kittens and cats we've fostered for Battersea over the years, here are a few of our friendly faces.