Tackling Radicalisation

Over the last two days I've been listening to civil society groups from across Europe discuss how best to tackle violent extremism in our communities.

What was clear is the failure by too many Governments to adequately tackle the ever more evident and insidious danger posed by far right violent extremism.

The narrative of exclusion, superiority and fear not only drives racism and provides a community in which violence is normalised, but further isolates minorities leaving them at increased risk of being radicalised by violent extremists reporting to be acting in their defence.

In the UK the Prevent strategy rightly recognises that we must tackle all forms of extremism and hatred. More Governments must learn from this approach, and the UK's doors are open to share our expertise.

Extremists create false binaries and manipulate our cognitive biases to stop critical thinking and force cognitive closure. As individuals we each have a responsibility to take every opportunity to create and hold dialogue - and not just with those who agree with us. Because we are the foot soldiers against extremism, and the dinner table, schools, Facebook and whatsapp conversations are where we must take a stand.