Huffington Post: The Tyranny Of Terrorists On Twitter

Almost weekly, social media and tech companies are criticised for not doing enough to counter radicalisation and terrorist networks using their platforms. Calls for social media networks to be shut down, or for legislation to be put in place to make them more accountable are commonplace.

World Stroke Day: Know the Signs

Today is World Stroke Day, and it's an opportunity to raise awareness of the signs of this disease which is the third biggest killer in the UK.

Syria: what next?

More than a few weeks ago Kerry and Lavrov reached a deal in Geneva on Syria which the UN ratified.

Remembering Srebrenica at #CPC16

It was so important to see Remembering Srebrenica UK at #CPC16. We must never forget how easily hate and poor education lead to mass murder and there is too big a risk that we will forget that genocide happened in Europe only 21 years ago.

Huffington Post: Courage Beyond The March

We marched. Across the planet, humanity marched. Not in hate, but in togetherness. For our children, for our neighbours and for ourselves. People took to their streets to set their vision for the World around us.